Whereas many consulting firms utilize junior consultants to undertake the vast majority of project work, each W&A team includes only individuals who have significant senior-level experience and a successful track record addressing the specific needs identified by each client.
Most consulting assignments require a high level of creativity. However, recommendations for change need to be realistic – not just good on paper, but truly doable relative to an organization’s operating environment and constraints. W&A consultants’ creativity has been honed as a result of being placed in numerous unfamiliar situations (e.g., over 100 organizations and many different industries), during which they had to quickly grasp what needed to be accomplished, draw upon past experiences, and brainstorm new directions. In the case of Mr. Westman, he has had to implement and “live” with recommendations developed by himself and others during his tenure as a large association CEO. This real-world perspective helps assure that recommendations now developed by Westman & Associates can truly be embraced and effectively implemented by clients, as opposed to having a final consulting report “sit of the shelf”.
Benchmarking is frequently a key component of consulting assignments. Mr. Westman has extensive experience as both a consultant and association CEO in facilitating benchmarking studies – eliciting participation from other organizations and crafting useful analyses and reports based on their responses to survey questions and/or telephone interviews.
W&A does not have the high overhead and corporate profit requirements associated with many consulting firms. This enables us to keep our billing rates relatively low, providing you more of our time for less cost – a better return on investment.
W&A provides clients with a satisfaction promise. We are in constant communication with clients during the course of project work to be certain we are achieving the desired objectives and results. If at any point you are not be completely pleased with our services, we will undertake immediate corrective action. Ultimately, you will only pay for the value you feel you received at the completion of a project.